Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Update

It's been awhile, so I thought I would send out an update on what's happening at Necrotic Tissue and Stygian Publications in general.

One of the writers that we accepted in Necrotic Tissue recommended we join the Mystery Writers of America. I applied and was just informed that we were accepted. There are currently only eleven periodicals approved and it’s nice to be listed among such magazines as Cemetery Dance, Strand and Sniplits. http://www.mysterywriters.org/?q=ApprovedPubList
This now means that any story published from now on is eligible for an Edgar award and also that stories published in Necrotic Tissue will qualify toward membership.

Issue #9 is coming out later and I would have liked due to the holidays and a few technical issues with the printer. When we were PDF, the issues were always ready on the 1st of the month, and even with the first two print issues, we had them in the mail by the 1st. All subscription and contributor copies will be mailed out by Saturday, January 23rd. We should be much closer to our usually timeline for April and beyond and while it is still being sent out during the month printed on the cover, I'm sorry for the delay.

Stygian Publications is coming out with three titles in 2010. The first is the Graphic Novel, "Bad Billy", written by John P. Wilson, and art by OD. The tentative release day is May 15th. The novel "Samhane" is coming out late summer from Daniel I Russell. It was previously released electronically, but will be out in trade paperback. The last confirmed project is an Anthology of stories set in the Abyss Walker World. This is dark fantasy and a bit of a departure from the horror projects we have focused on for the last three years. The emphasis is on the "Dark", as you have grown to expect from Stygian Publications.

I have been working diligently on NT for ten issues. Because I wanted to take a bit of a break and because I believe in developing people, whether it's writers or our own NT Staph, I have decided to let both of my associate editors take on the roll of Editor in Chief for an issue. John has already taken the reigns during the January submission window, which will be used to fill issue #11, coming out in July. Daniel will take over for the April window that will be used to complete issue #12, coming out in October. I will take over in October in preparation for issue #13, WOOT!!

Being Editor in Chief for an issue is more than just deciding the TOC. They will also be responsible for all the nonfiction, which includes the Editor's Crypt, The Help section, The Rant and the Final Words. If only I could find a way to get them to pay the writers for those issues, hmmmm………..

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