Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stygian Publication Context Schedule

Friday Night, 7PM until whenever
The Kolchak Party

We'll start with original made for TV movies The Night Stalker & The Night Strangler followed by the original Night Stalker 22 episode series.

Your host will be dressed as Kolchak and we'll be having a Monster Costume Party. The best, or in this case, the most true to the series (let's face it, those costumes were cheesy), will win a prize. There will be light snacks and some beverages, but BYOB.

Saturday Day, 2:00PM – ??
The Underground Readings brought to you by Stygian Publications.

Saturday Night, 7PM – 8PM
The Funky Werepig Show Live! Room to be announced.

Saturday Night, 8PM until whenever
The Stygian Party

We'll have food and drink and prizes given away every 30 minutes. There will be dancing, excellent conversation and Aquapunk.

All events will be in the Stygian Suite, except The Funky Werepig Show (location to be announced later).

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Everyone Hates A Hero: A Johnny Midnight Tale by Gregory L. Hall

I want Stygian Publications to be a success and I want ever book we put out to sell well so that the writers can get reward and recognition. In order to accomplish this, I first make sure that every book I accept is a book I would not just love to read, but as a reader, I would go out of my way to rate and recommend whether or not I knew the writer personally. There are a lot of good books out there that deserve to get published, but I want the books that get me excited. The ones I talk about and want to reread. The ones that when I read them for the first time, I cant put down.

If I only come across one of those books a year, then Stygian will put out one book a year. If I come across ten such books, I will likely only put out about four, maybe five a year because beyond that, the quality could suffer.

This year Im fortunate to have found a few books that fit that bill. The first is a book Ive loved since I beta read a rough draft. Sideshow P.I.: The Devil’sGarden is already out there in print and ebook formats on Amazon. Its book one of the Sideshow P.I. trilogy and Im thankful to have the rights to publish them all over the next two years.

The second book is a novel by Gregory L. Hall called Everyone Hates A Hero: A Johnny MidnightTale. This started off as a short story posted on Gregs former website, Choate Road. I loved both the concept and the character. Greg is a prolific writer that works in many genres, but he has a real knack with the short stories and novel formats. His ideas are off center and layered at a depth that both the casual and analytical reader can enjoy.

Everyone Hates A Hero will be released on September 10th, 2014. Both Nate and Greg will be with me at Context in Ohio, September 26-28 to sell and sign their books. Ill be throwing a Kolchack The Night Stalker movie night on Friday and a Stygian party on Saturday night featuring a live broadcast of the Funky Werepig and later the return of the Big Boy Dance off contest. Check back for more details, as we get closer to the date.