Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stygian Publication Context Schedule

Friday Night, 7PM until whenever
The Kolchak Party

We'll start with original made for TV movies The Night Stalker & The Night Strangler followed by the original Night Stalker 22 episode series.

Your host will be dressed as Kolchak and we'll be having a Monster Costume Party. The best, or in this case, the most true to the series (let's face it, those costumes were cheesy), will win a prize. There will be light snacks and some beverages, but BYOB.

Saturday Day, 2:00PM – ??
The Underground Readings brought to you by Stygian Publications.

Saturday Night, 7PM – 8PM
The Funky Werepig Show Live! Room to be announced.

Saturday Night, 8PM until whenever
The Stygian Party

We'll have food and drink and prizes given away every 30 minutes. There will be dancing, excellent conversation and Aquapunk.

All events will be in the Stygian Suite, except The Funky Werepig Show (location to be announced later).

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  1. Not certain what aquapunk is, so I may just wear a pretty dress.