Thursday, March 25, 2010

April Update

Big boxes of issue #10 are making their way to my house via pack mules. I know this because even a delivery truck that is restricted to 8 hours of travel per day could make the trip in half the time, so either they are using pack mules, or they are intentionally slowing down delivery in a vain attempt to make me pay for faster shipping. Foolish mortals! I'm aware of this slow transport and my Staph and I have worked it into our schedule. Not to worry, if you are a subscriber, your issue will be whisking its way to your door via half dead snails in about a week and you should have it in your hot little hands the first full week of April as predicted. If you're not a subscriber, now is the perfect time to join the Necrotic Tissue family (depending on your preference, I either will or won’t show up to your family reunions).

Some of you have been with NT from the very beginning and we thank you for your support. Many of you subscribed as soon as we went to print. I was cautious then, not wanting to over extend and be unable to deliver, so I only offered a one year subscription. Many other magazines have either gone out of business or switched to E versions, but NT print is going strong. Issue #10 marks are 4th print issue and the last for all of the people who started with our first print issue, #7 back in July, 2009. The good news, for all of you that fear NT withdrawal, is that we have updated our store and we now have 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions available.

The price point between the US and Canada is low enough and I am physically close enough to Canada, that I am offering US and Canada subscriptions at the same rate. International subscriptions are a bit more, but radically less that many other US based magazines. Subscribing for multiple years reaps amazing savings. Bear in mind that these numbers might look larger than usual because most magazine only advertise the cover price, not tax and shipping. Unlike most magazines that look less expensive until you get nailed for shipping fees on the checkout page, I have it included those costs in the overall price, so what you see is what you get. US and Canada: Individual issues are $10 a piece. 1 Year (4 issues) = $30 a savings of $10 off the cover price. 2 Years (8 issues) = $55 for a savings of $25 off the cover price. 3 Years (12 issues) = $80 for a savings of $40 off the cover price. Once again, there are no additional charges when you hit the checkout page, tax and shipping is included. These prices are insane!

If you don't like to subscribe but you still want your fix, you're in luck. NT is available on the US, Canadian and UK Amazon sites.

A quick reminder to all writers: We're on Duotrope, Ralan and list the dates on our own web page, but I realize that it is easy to have time sneak up on you. I also realize with great sadness that some of you (I'm not going to mention names) submit stories to other markets. We do allow simultaneous submissions as long as you let us know, so I guess we are enabling your cheating ways. Simultaneous and not, we are open to submission four times a year (January, April, July & October). April 1st is coming up fast, so if you are a writer and think you have a story we'd love to read, here is your reminder to send it our way soon.

But wait, what's that I hear? Someone out there is asking what they get for their hard earned coin and I'm here to tell you. Every issue has around 40,000 words of horror fiction, from our 100-Word Bites to 5,000 words of the best horror fiction from established and brand new writers. We choose the best stories not the names. Here are some interesting stats:

In the first ten issues, we had slots for 200 writers. Of those, 40 were women (that's 20%). I've heard that it is harder for women to get into some markets. I don't doubt this, but it isn't the case at NT. We pick what we feel are the best 20-26 stories to get to 40,000 words, regardless of what gender the writer is or what country they come from. US writers don't get an advantage, but we do get a larger percentage of US writers submitting. I'm also very proud to say that NT has been the first publishing credit for an astounding 31 writers. While it is our goal to help new writers improve their craft, we don't do charity work. Every writer that made it in NT earned their slot and competed against as many as 500 other submissions to do so.

If you've never tried Necrotic Tissue, now's the time. If you love NT, please help spread the word. In order to reach our goal of paying pro rates, we need more subscribers. I'd like to reach that goal in 2010. Just two hundred more people in the entire world would be enough, so whether you are a writer or a fan, please help us reach our goal, because when you treat writers well, the fiction can only get better.

R. Scott McCoy
Necrotic Tissue


  1. By all means, show up at my family reunions. Not saying I'll be there, but I trust you to represent my interests.

  2. You can come to my family reunion, only if you promise to find a way to get me banned from any future familial requirements.