Friday, June 20, 2014

Sideshow P.I.: The Devil's Garden to be released soon

New Ramoth. A city covered in scar tissue, where survival of the fittest decides who's on top and crime is the only promotion system. Enter Eddie "Wolf Boy" Gnash, ex-carnival freak turned private investigator. Now the bodies are piling up, and the fate of New Ramoth rests in the hands of this fur-covered freak- Eddie Gnash, Sideshow P.I.

Stygian Publications is proud to present its first novel since re-launching in 2013. Sideshow P.I.: The Devil’s Garden from the twisted minds of Nathanial Lambert and Kevin Sweeney. This is the first novel of the Sideshow P.I. Trilogy, and was originally published though Graveside Tales. Stygian Publications has signed a deal for all three books.

This first installment will be out within the next month. The second novel will come out early in 2015 and will be concluded with the third in late 2015/early 2016. Don’t worry fans, Lambert & Sweeney are a powerhouse of creation and have already started working on the final book, so you will not have time to make posts wondering when it will come out.

To help celebrate the new re-launch of this series, Stygian Publications has enlisted the help of artist George C. Cotronis to create cover art for all three of the novels. The trilogy will be available from Amazon in print and ebook.


  1. This seems relevant to my interests. And the cover looks fancy indeed!

  2. Quite interested and excited over this one, as well as the return of the Stygian. I've been told that it isn't haggah, as no one would sell hagga to a warrior such as myself. Also, I loved It's Okay to Be a Zombie.