Saturday, September 24, 2011

TOC for Best on NT

The Best of NT Anthology is coming along. Final edits will be done next week and I will have a proof copy to review. Mid October is the estimate for release. I will be sending out contributor copies first and then putting the print version up for sale, then I will work on getting an ebook version on Amazon. This will be Stygian Publication's first ebook, so give me some time :)

The anthology weighs in at 65,000 words with 31 stories that will thrill, chill and entertain. Please join me in congratulating these writers for making it into the Anthology.

Aldrich Byrn, How to Make a Brain Souffle
Matthew Phoenix, Bless me Father
Jimmy Pudge, Bad Billy
David McAfee, Cardiac Episode
Nate Lambert, Camp-een
Cate Gardner's, The Scratch of an Old Record
Doug Murano, Chums
Jason Hardy, Crowley's Surprise
Robert C. Eccles, Spelling Bee for Exceptional Children
Robert Millard, Smoke
David Tallerman, Caretaker in the Garden of Dreams
Daniel I Russell, Blood Pit
Gregory L Hall, Love is the Answer
Jan Brady, Mumsy The Last Unicorn
Zombie Zak, Zombie Unicorns
Fred R Kane, Unicorn Poem
Natalie L. Sin, Losing Face in Kwai Chung
Roger Kilbourne, Special Needs
Natalie L. Sin, Miss Molly's Scarecrow
Matthew Ewald, From the Journal of Johnathan Harker
James Stafford, Lizard Pit
MontiLee Stormer, Flytrap
Mark Owens, Sigil
Jeffrey Rice, Choices Made Possible by Modern Science
AJ Brown, Picket Fences
D. Brian Hardin II, Five or Six Feet Away
Brendan P. Myers, Ohrwurm
Bryce Albertson, Last Waltz in Texas
Jaelithe Ingold, The Rules
John P. McCann, Dagon and Jill
Matthew Fryer, The Narcslaag

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