Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Necrotic Tissue: Best Of Anthology is out, come get some.

Time for an update. Thank you all for your patience.

The print version is ready, but there is always a lag between the printer and Amazon of up to two weeks. When the print is available, I will post a link on the FB Stygian Publications page. The price for the print version is $11.95, with 32 stories and over 65,000 words of the best horror short fiction in the last three years.

The ebook version is already available on Amazon and Smashwords if you are into that for $2.99.

All US contributor copies have been mailed out. Overseas contributor copies will get mailed out in two weeks as well as subscriber copies. I'm treating this like the 15th issue for all those subscribers with copies still due.

After they are all mailed out, those of you that have copies still due to you will get refunds as previously described. I hope to issue all refunds by the end of the year. If you believe you are due a refund but haven't seen anything by Jan 31st 2012, let me know.

Congratulations again to all the writers that made it into this anthology.

If anyone is interested in a review copy, please let me know.

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